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Our intensive screening process admits only the top 2% of STEM graduates, assessed across technical skills, soft skills, and growth mindset
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Evi Kouvela
Director of Operations, Velti
Finding partners who
genuinely grasp your needs and deliver what you expect is rare. Tana's screening is so good we would have gladly hired every finalist they sent us to interview!
Rob Castaneda
CEO, ServiceRocket
We set a high bar for our team both technically and culturally. Partnering with Tana has been a joy as we continue to grow and deliver for our clients around the world.
Cathy Lane
Head of QA, Ding
 Elizabeth and Mahalon
have standout work ethic, technical skills, and communication. Having them on board enables us to release impactful customer journeys quicker than before.
Global equity starts with giving talented young people everywhere the chance to build meaningful careers
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