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Unlock the world as your talent pool

We connect global companies to brilliant team members based on the continent of Africa – the world’s fastest-growing workforce.

Let us handle sourcing, vetting, and training, so you can focus on growing.

Software Programmer

Talent you can trust

No more hit-or-miss. We don't just identify high-calibre talent, we take direct responsibility for equipping them to succeed.

Full-time, dedicated remote team members for early-career roles.

Manual QA Engineer

Ensure reliable, intuitive software – with a human touch.

QA Automation Engineer

Get ready to test faster and scale faster.

Technical Support Engineer

Resolve customer tickets without taking up dev time.

Data Analyst

Deepen your understanding of your business.

How it works


We recruit STEM graduates from top-tier local universities. Our proprietary assessment tool admits the top 2% of talent.


You tell us the profile you need, and we screen and interview to find the best matches. You select among the finalists.


We run your incoming talent through a tailored bootcamp that emphasizes both technical and soft skills.


You welcome the newest remote members of your team, as they hit ground running from day one.


We provide coaching and oversight to ensure quality performance, along with local payroll, HR admin, and compliance.

Why Tana?

High-calibre talent

Our typical candidate profile:

  • Native English speaker

  • BSc. in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Statistics

  • Programming experience in C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS

  • Excellent teamwork, communication, attention to detail, and critical thinking

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Seamless collaboration

Work synchronously. Full day overlap with Europe and half day overlap with North America, guaranteed.

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Lighter than light-touch

Our end-to-end services take the burden of recruitment, screening, training, payroll, and compliance off your shoulders, while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Affordable at all sizes

Remote work taps you into regions of the world with lower cost of living, so that you can attract top candidates with competitive salaries without straining your budget.

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Make a difference

Global equity starts with giving talented young people everywhere the chance to build meaningful careers.

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Meet our clients


You could be this happy

“Adriana’s done fantastic work. She’s so proactive – I just explain what we need, and she comes back with the solution.”

Johanna Strutzenberger
Head of Engineering, LEVY Health

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