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Sourcing bright, driven graduates in Computer Science, Information Technology, Statistics, and related fields

Running candidates through a rigorous assessment process to screen for the right technical fundamentals and soft skills

Curating the best matches for the specific roles you're looking to fill and team culture  

Meanwhile, Tana is...

Equipping your team members to succeed by onboarding them onto your team's key tasks, tooling, and best practices

Providing coaching on professional readiness and global business culture to ensure a seamless transition

Taking care of background checks, contracts, payroll, tax, and compliance

Meanwhile, Tana is...

Driving strong performance with a team lead supporting behind the scenes

Helping your team members overcome challenges and upskill on the job through our network of technical mentors

Fostering strong morale & community on the ground through Tana happy hours, workshops, and in-person get-togethers

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