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Fully embedded, dedicated talent
Motivated individuals for the long-term
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Seamless fit with your company culture
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Our anything-but-typical talent profile

  • Native English speaker
  • BSc. in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Statistics
  • Experience in JavaScript, Python, and SQL
  • Excellent teamwork, communication, attention to detail, and critical thinking
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What makes us unique

Commitment to excellence

Only the top 2% of applicants pass Tana’s rigorous screening and interview process and are considered for you
Finding partners who
genuinely grasp your needs and deliver what you expect is rare. Tana's screening is so good we would have gladly hired every finalist they sent us to interview!
Evi Kouvela
Director of Operations, Velti

Your needs, your way

Curated matches made by humans, not algorithms. You always have the final say over who you work with

Seamless collaboration

Team members are timezone-aligned, fully dedicated to you, and fully embedded into your team day-to-day
Philipp Haselböck
Managing Director, Tectiers
It's honestly a joy to work with Monicah and Adriana. Our needs can change dynamically, and they've been able to pick up new skills and responsibilities like it's nothing.

Set up for success

Tana's extensive professional skills coaching and technical mentoring equips your team members to thrive

Lighter than light touch

We're happy to take the burden of recruitment, training, payroll, and compliance off your shoulders

Culture that transcends borders

We train on global business norms, and invest in building community on the ground for long-term engagement and retention

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changing world of talent

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